The Broken Oreo Philosophy-Namesake Described

—The Broken Oreo Philosophy—

The Broken Oreo Philosophy may seem like an arbitrary namesake for this new blog, but really it’s quite the clever analogy. Based on the ideology that Huskies with disabilities have many parallels with the cookie. I first thought of the comparison when submitting an essay for the Petco Foundation about dear Maple. The following is an excerpt from that submission: 


Huskies are like Oreos, you can never have just one. You open up that bag, you taste that very first one and you’re hooked. So you have another, and it’s just as amazing as the first one. Sometimes, you reach the end of the row and you see the last one is broken. The cookie part is cracked and half missing. Most people will leave it and discard it, but you decide to eat it anyway. You take a daring bite, and BAM! Your mind is blown! The cookie no one wanted, broken and neglected at the back, missing pieces and not as picture perfect as the rest, is actually BETTER than you ever expected. What it was missing on the outside, actually exposed the best part on the inside. Maple is my broken Oreo.

Now, every time someone mentions that a dog has been through unimaginable abuse or misfortune, but still retains their cheery and forgiving disposition, I am reminded of my Oreo metaphor. Every time I hear someone lament over their dog losing its’ vision, hearing, or a limb, I want to tell them, broken Oreos are the best Oreos.

This blog will focus on those “broken Oreos,” and how we can work to make this world a better place for them to live. 

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