Hi there, my name is Suki (previously Shazam). I am around 7 months old. Don’t be scare of my appearance, no one really took care of me for the first six months of my life and I was diagnosed with Demodex. This is not contagious and in another 3 months you will be surprised at how different my fur will look.

I’m learning new commands like “come” and can do hand targeting. Still struggling with “sit” because it’s no fun to sit still. I like to jump up and hit you with my paws so “High five” and “dance” are going to be a breeze. I’m learning manners, but I’m a quick learner, I haven’t pooped or peed in the house in three weeks (dance move)! That is pretty impressive for a puppy I must say. I’m very food motivated, but who doesn’t love food? This helps because my foster mommies are teaching me many more commands.

I get along with other dogs, love playing catch with tennis balls and other fun toys! I get the zoomies and everyone just laughs at me! I love meeting new people, it’s really exciting when they come, pet me, and ask me what happened to me? Once the see me how happy I am, they forget about my fur.

I don’t think I should be around small children yet because I jump with joy, that’s because I’m so excited to meet you. I don’t have one mean bone in my body. I will sleep in my crate if I have to, but I don’t need to because I’m not destructive. I prefer to be close to my people pack and not alone.

One more thing, I love being on the boat. I love the water. Check out my pictures, those are some fun moments. My foster mommies call me Sailor Suki!

I am now spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. I will wait patiently for that special family that can see pass my missing fur and see me blossom into my pretty self.

Siberian Husky

7 months





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