Tiana is the sweetest girl ever! She absolutely loves her humans and really enjoys being with other dogs, so a home with at least one other pup would be preferred. She’s very laid back for a Husky, only wanting to nap and get some love from her people.

At only 35 lbs, she is the perfect companion. She's crate trained, going directly in when “kennel” is announced. Because of her past, she really loves her crate as her safe space and will sleep on her bed in her crate frequently throughout the day. She is housebroken, but she won’t necessarily tell you if she has to go out, we just have her on a schedule to let her outside and she has no issues. She is gentle with children and babies, and will be a wonderful family dog.

She loves going for walks and can get a little excited for the first few minutes, zig-zagging & whining a bit, but it’s only because she’s so excited to get out and make new friends. 
She could work on her leash walking skills as well as not jumping up into your lap when sitting until she’s invited, but we’ve been working extensively with both of these issues. She walks with a little limp due to a injury that was never treated appropriately from her previous owners but the vet assured us that she is in no pain and was cleared for all activities!

We’re working on putting weight on her since she is underweight, but with consistent meals she will be able to reach the additional 10 lbs the vet wants her to gain. She is not a fan of car rides and will sing you a little Husky song during the ride to let you know she’s ready to get out. She’s okay with cats, as she finds them a bit intimidating and avoids the kitties here completely.

Siberian Husky

5 year




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