Success Stories

Below are some of the happy endings we were able to create though our rescue.



with Michael Lafrinere

Yukon (was named Nashville) is a rescued dog. He is an Alaskan Malamute. I was told he had a very difficult start in life, but was rescued and was then taken to an animal shelter. Husky Haven of Florida was then called by the people at the shelter. They picked him up and found a temporary foster home for him in the Florida Keys. He stayed there for over 4 months until I adopted him. Yukon is now almost 15 months old. He is still a little thin for his age, but his body has grown slightly long and tall for his age. I guess he's kind of like a tall, skinny teenager right now. He's already beginning to get much stronger and building muscle where he needs it. We switched to a half raw/half high-end kibble diet to get the nourishment he needs and to put on some needed weight. He has now finished his 2 weeks of hard-core training with "Off Leash K9 Training" and did a great job, passing with full honors. Yukon is now completely off leash, all the time! He even managed to earn the coveted title of "Therapy Dog" during his training. With this certificate, he will be able to help other people such as children in hospitals, cancer patients, and elderly folks, etc. He has worked very hard to get to this point and is now ready to "pay it forward" by helping other people. Yukon absolutely loves meeting new people and even gives hugs and kiss just about everyone. I am so proud to be his new dad and very happy that his "fur-ever home" is now with me.

We visited Bass Pro Shop.



with Vanessa Freist

This is Harley! We adopted her in July of 2016. Her dachshund sister, Roxie, is in the background. This girl has been the absolute light of our lives. My husband and I could not imagine life without her now. She is about the funniest dog I have ever met. She loves attention, and loves to run and play with her doggie cousins! She is very high energy and despite being a generally very healthy girl, she has quite a discerning tummy which is typical for Huskies. It is always important to deeply understand the responsibilities that come along with owning any dog. However, with love and attention, they will thrive!! Thank you, Husky Haven of Florida, for bringing our beautiful Harley into our lives!! 

Dakota 1.JPG

Miss Dakota Chaffin

with Morgan

We adopted Miss Dakota Chaffin last April of 2017 from Husky Haven. She is the skinny brown dog in the photos. We previously adopted Possum, the white dog, who is deaf and partially blind, from a previous animal rescue that Francia worked with. 

We had our precious Possum for almost two years before we decided that he needed a sister! We had visited a few different shelters and organizations and just couldn't seem to find the pup that we just "knew" would be the right fit. However, last April when Husky Haven posted pictures of a new puppy litter, we saw this little adorable pup that melted our hearts! Both Matthew and I pointed to our future Dakota and said if this is a girl available to adopt then we are hooked! Sure, enough Francia told us that pup was a female and needed a home! We did not hesitate we knew then that we had to meet her. As soon as Matthew and I held her when she was so small, we just had the feeling that this was our newest family member! She's sassy sometimes and has no problem groaning at you if you try to move her when she is lying on the bed. (LOL) However, she's quickly there to give sweet kisses. She practically leaps in our arms as soon as either of us walk in to the house. She loves cuddles and running around a fenced in dog park and is constantly trying to catch lizards or squirrels. I feel confident she learned all about giving kisses and cuddles from her older brother Possum, who that has always been his favorite activity. They love chasing each other and playing! It took a few days before Possum was ok with another pup in the house but it just took a few play sessions then he realized how this could be fun! They both follow Matthew and I around the majority of time and are our shadows. We wouldn't have it any other way! We love adopting, we are big believers, in "Adopt Don't Shop”. We always encourage others to rescue a dog if looking to get a dog. These dogs love us so much! We are SO blessed by their wagging tails and wet kisses.



with Andrew, Kristen & Kona

West is a happy 2-year-old pup who fits in perfectly with our family! He is loving life with his new sister, Kona. They are both full of energy and always making us laugh. He is the perfect addition to our adventurous life and loves Jeep rides with the windows down and beach days jumping in the waves. 

He is such a good boy but isn't afraid to back talk when he's feeling sassy. He will do anything for a treat and drools anytime he sees food. He buries his head in our couch cushions and pushes his butt as far up towards the sky as possible. 

We didn't realize how much his adoption would benefit our lives but we are so glad we chose him. He keeps our girl Kona so happy and seeing the two of them happy is everything we dreamed of. 

If you're thinking of adopting a husky, it is important to understand that this breed isn't the easiest to handle but they sure are easy to love. Be prepared for a stubborn, silly, crazy, sweet pup to steal your heart. 

Thanks for the opportunity to adopt our big boy.

Blue 3.jpg


with Marissa

I saw Tahoe’s picture online and I knew he was my dog, not yet but he was meant to be mine. The day I met Tahoe I took him home and we’ve been sorta attached at the hip since. Tahoe lived in Florida with me for a couple of months then we made our journey to Montana, where we live now. 

He loves the snow and will typically smoosh is whole face in it every chance he gets. Tahoe comes with me hiking, trailing running, watching soccer, backpacking, cross country skiing.. anything. Sometimes dogs and their owners have special connections. And it’s not every dog that this happens with, but it’s me and Tahoe. People know me as Tahoe’s mom haha. He’s that dog that just gets me and I get him and it’s this weird/awesome and totally unique relationship. Tahoe is just a part of me. 

Tahoe’s been with me through the best and the worst, always making things better. He’s watched over me with injuries (torn acl) and cuddle close by me during grief. I tell him everyday, You just make life better. He’s easily changed my life, but my life had a Tahoe sized hole in it that I didn’t know about so it just made sense that he came along for me. But also he’s turned me on to rescuing... leading us to 

Keena. My second rescue and Tahoe’s older sister now. Every Tahoe needs a Keena and now we are all inseparable. I adopted Keena June 27, 2017. I will only rescue now, too many good dogs don’t have homes and have too much love to give. They both have quirks but all dogs do. Trust yourself to love a rescue and trust a rescue to love you in return. I promise it’s worth it. 

If you need to see more of the Tahoe/Keena adventures feel free to check out my instagram roo_maries and feel free to share if it helps any dog get rescued. Thank you for doing what you do. I wouldn’t have Tahoe without you so I will always be grateful to you.