My name is Husker, Cooper, and lately Stryker. Let me explain.

Iā€™m 5 years old and was rescued from the shelter around a year ago where my name was Husker. I was adopted to a wonderful couple that really loved me. They named me Cooper. I lived with them happily until the thunderstorms season began and they realized I was terrified of them and began hurting myself in the crate. I went through training for my fears and it became clear that 1) I would need owners to be with me during those scary moments or 2) they would have to adopt another submissive dog that would help me calm down during the thunderstorms. Unfortunately neither was an option for my current owners due to their work schedules, so I went back to rescue.

I was later adopted to another couple and was named Stryker. They understood my fear of storms and said they would be with me. I was there for around 9 months and overall I was adjusting to my new life. Then all of a sudden they said I was acting out and they no longer wanted me, so I came back to rescue.

The rescue sent me to a trainer to help because I was "acting out". When I arrived at the trainer, she immediately noticed that I was peeing a lot, and she was concern that was probably the main reason why I came back. This was never mentioned to the rescue but I am glad the trainer noticed it, because a quick visit to the vet, and it showed I had an infection that has now been treated. Sometimes, us doggos. when we don't feel well, we express it in many different ways, and this was my way of telling them I was not feeling well.

The trainer in three weeks has now shown me how to control my fear of the crate, I go in it easily now, I did really well with fireworks during the 4th of July, and I even learned how to control my fear of thunderstorms. Yes, I might need help every now and then, but I am much better at it.

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to communicate what happened to me in the past, but I do think that I have something similar to what humans call PTSD, it could possibly be that I just haven't found that special family that is perfect for me to learn I am safe, loved, and most importantly won't give up on me.

I am a good boy, yes, I might have fears, but we are all not perfect. I'm pretty sure that with the right family, that will be consistent with my training, I will eventually be OK with handling my fears. I've done incredibly improvement in just three weeks. I am 5 years old, I am neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, I am now trained, and most importantly I am now ready to find my special family. I am loving and fun and people always complement me on my looks.

Siberian Husky

5 Years


Yes, 10 years and up


Other dogs?
Yes, submissive females

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