Scar & Dakota

Scar and Dakota are two amazing seniors looking for a home together. They are very sweet, gentle, and tolerant and love to be pet. They prefer the company of each other; they can often be found sleeping together and when they go to the dog park they will walk around and explore side by side the entire time. Because they are older, they can’t always move very well and they won’t be quick to go anywhere. They will often need assistance from their human to move around. They just need your patience more than anything and some exercise. Carpets and rugs are a plus; hard floors are slippery and can make moving even more difficult for them. But don’t let them fool you- they still get excited when you bring out their leashes and love going on their daily walk (a short one though)! They are house broken and non-destructive. They don’t really care for the crate but they don’t need one; they are perfectly well behaved and are more than content to just laze around the house together while you’re out. They are great with all dogs, cats, and kids. These are two incredible and loving dogs who just want a family to spend their golden years with.

Neutered, up to date on vaccines, and micrcohipped.
Adoption together is $350. 

Scar and Dakota

10 and 12 years old

Both Male



Other dogs?

Reproductive Status?

Adoption Fee:
$350 Together