I’m Dakota, 3 years old and only 37 pounds ❤️

Here are some facts on Dakota:
• I ADORE children 
• I am fully potty trained
• I don’t like crates but I’m not destructive
• I loves my humans
• I love other dogs
• I love mu toys
• I am not sassy 
• I follow commands
• I don’t dig
• I don't try to escape from the front door
• I have LOTS of energy (3-4 walks a day)

I was returned, by no fault of my own, literally. One of the questions on our application is, if you move, what would happened to this pet, the answer is usually, "I would take with me"...but guess what, that is not always the case. And now, I’m suffering for it.

I feel like a human, I mourn like one, I’m sadden by these changes to the point I get so stressed out that I vomit and have gastrointestinal issues. I was taken to the vet to make sure I was OK and all was related to my stress.

During the the first 24 hours with my new foster family it was rough. I was anxious, scared, and was trying to understand why I was with another family and not the one I had been for years. I whined and barked and everyone was on the edge. After the first few days, I started finally settling down and I’m learning the ropes very quickly .

We are hoping there is a family that will understand me. I just want to love them and never be abandoned again. I would benefit from a family that is very active even better if they have another dog that is equally as active as me.

Siberian Husky

3 years




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