This little nugget is beyond the cutest little thing and our hearts can't take it ❤

Ariel is one of our medical dogs. She has undergone numerous tests trying to determine what was it exactly she had going on. Our goal was to get her medication to the level of maintenance, so that we then, can then start looking for a wonderful home for her. She is now at that stage where she can start looking for that special home.

Ariel is everything what you want in a doggy. Beautiful, silly, smart, lovable, and incredibly sweet! She loves EVERY human she meets, she gets along with small and big doggies, and ignores the cats. She is a dream on a leash, and we can honestly say that every time you look at Ariel, you simply smile because she brings so much joy!

Ariel has Uveodermatological Syndrome. You can read more about it here:…

Treatment is lifelong. If untreated, it will lead to severe pain and eventual blindness. Therapy requires monitoring with vet visits, bloodwork and eye tests. Frequency of vet visits should be no different than any other dog unless she is showing signs of discomfort. Medication is based on suppressing the immune system, both topically on the eyes and systemically with oral medication. If treated, like she has been, she is this happy cute adorable little 35pd cutie that will melt your heart every time you see her! She is worth it ❤

Ariel is crate trained, house broken, spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. Adoption fee is $325

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